“Can you please tell me what is going to happen?” – An online preparation tool for older cancer pati

About two-third of newly diagnosed cancer patients are aged 60 years or older. In fact, the population is aging globally: older adults are the most rapidly growing population group in the world. It is predicted that the number of cancer incidences will increase with 40% from 2007 to 2040 in the Netherlands. I hope you agree with me that it is important to improve cancer care for the older population. Not well informed “Can you please tell me what is going to happen?” is a question I weekly get from anxious older patients, possibly diagnosed with cancer, that have no idea why they have two – or more – appointments at the hospital within one day. For a while, I thought that they were not well

The Era of the Spoiled Consumer

Just the other day I was attending a presentation by an airline. They wanted to demonstrate through some charts and several examples that they manage to cater every kind of customer through their range of offers. Their customers love it. Now, while I was listening to this – and how they created A to reach customer segment A, B to reach customer segment B, etc. - two things came to my mind. First, that it is impressive that an airline goes through all these efforts to please every single group of customers (e.g., families, adults, young adults, kids and so on). Secondly, that we - the consumers - are so spoiled that it almost makes me sick. We are fickle beings who got used to the fact that a

Tinder for Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us. And we also know that taking the bike to work serves a bigger purpose than our bank account. However, in our hectic life we often experience problems to find the time to go for a jog or attend the costly Yogalates (the love baby of Mr. Yoga and Mrs. Pilates) class. Therefore, it is not surprising that one out of three people worldwide is not physically active enough (Hallal et al., 2012). The question is: How can we help these people to get more active? One innovation that can make a difference is the introduction of the consumer lifestyle activity trackers. These little bracelets or clips measure your activity and intensity during the day. More spor

On the political properties of a muesli bar

People buy organic, fair trade, energy saving products – me included. Over the last decades, organic supermarkets are popping up, restaurants advertise their use of regional ingredients, and green energy booms. In short: sustainability sells. But why actually? Of course, some products contain immediate beneficial properties for the customer, linked to health or financial savings. But that cannot be all there is to the story. When asked, many people report that they buy sustainable products because it makes them feel good about themselves, that they want to make a statement and that they have a responsibility. Political scientists are very pleased about this phenomenon as they consider such s

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