Mastering the Art of Academic Conferencing

Do you have a conference ahead? Is it maybe your first? Fear not, for here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of it and master the art of academic conferencing! Presentation First and foremost: don’t worry about your presentation. Just don’t. Most of the time, the people in the audience are very friendly and helpful. Remember that a conference presentation should discuss work-in-progress that is not entirely polished yet. Scholars know this, so encourage your audience to comment on your work. Bring your own USB stick (don’t forget to delete files with embarrassing names), and a note pad to write down relevant feedback. Finally, don’t over-prepare: keep it relaxed and spontaneous.

Lost in Translation? Science and Creative Health Posts on Social Media

Many of us follow channels on social media. Some channels only post entertaining memes, but others deal with more serious topics. While I do enjoy the occasional funny meme and video, I am also interested in neglected or stigmatized health topics. By following start-ups concerned with these topics, I want to support their mission of empowering, de-stigmatizing, and having an impact on (controversial) health topics. The kind of pages I follow share knowledge that seems mostly based on scientific data. However, the other day, I encountered a very unfortunate post – pictures that struck me as repulsing: a female body swimming in blood. The aim of that post: to normalize menstruation. Was their

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