Reasoned from an academic perspective, communication can be subdivided in many different specialized fields. At the University of Amsterdam, for example, academics define their belonging to communication science by referring to program groups such as persuasive communication, political communication, corporate communication, or youth and media. However, these academically defined categories are not always applicable to the multifaceted reality in which communication appears to society. In an attempt to arrive at a more thorough understanding of communication in real-life developments, this blog sets out to bridge the gap between communication as a scientific discipline and the implications of communication for practice and the public. In line with this aim, the central question that guides the contributions of this blog reads as follows: How can we translate the scientific insights gathered in communication science to societal relevant problems?

To comply with the broadness of the field of communication, a team consisting of interdisciplinary communication scientists, coming from diverse universities in the Netherlands, will regularly write about their research on this blog.














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