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Media play a crucial part in our daily lives, and the media we consume have important consequences for the way we think, feel, and behave.

Guided by this crucial role of media in our daily live, we, that's a bunch of PhD students at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), are eager to pose (and answer :D) new urging questions about its content and consequences as part of our dissertation projects. Here, at ASCoR, those questions are typically located in one of our four program groups: persuasive communication, political communication, corporate communication, and youth and media entertainment. However, these academically defined categories are not always applicable to the multifaceted reality in which communication appears in society. Plus, the papers that we write - mostly for the academic community - are not always straightforward to read for someone who is new o the scientific jargon and knowledge within the field. This is a shame given that our findings are very insightful for non-scientists, too.

With this blog, we therefore want to give our research a different voice, a voice that goes beyond the scientific language and a voice that openly communicates about our questions and answers (and new questions) in a way that is accessible to everyone interested. So, in the posts you read here on the ComCom blog, we try to bridge the gap between communication as a scientific discipline and the implications of communication for practice and the public. 

Did this make you curious? Have you already checked out our latest post?



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