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  • Rebecca Wald

The ups and downs of in-person conferences

Conferences are part of a researcher's life. Yet, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have not been any in-person conferences the past two years really. The PhDs at ASCoR were therefore double excited to finally experience an in-person conference this spring. We all packed our bags, hopped on the Thalys, and travelled to Paris for this year's International Communication Association Conference - short ICA22! We spent in total 7 days together and IT WAS MAGNIFIQUE! We got lost together at the conference venue, coded our way through a hackathon, watched panels, cheered for each other during our own paper presentations, networked through receptions, and enjoyed also some Paris-sightseeing of course.

But conferences are not just shiny and exciting all the time, they can actually be real challenging, too. How do you best decide what events to attend? How to then meet new people and expand your network? How to take good care of yourself while being at a conference? How to make the best out of your own presentation? ... Those are just some of the questions that probably went through all our minds while being in Paris. To pass on some of the lessons we learned, our current ComCom editor wrote down some tips. Your can find them here.

In any way, Paris was a blast and we are looking forward to many more future in-person conferences that we can experience together.


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