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  • Edina Strikovic and Linda van den Heijkant

Welcome to the new ComCom team: Emma van der Goot and Rebecca Wald

After two years of serving as editors of the blog, we – Linda and Dina – are saying a bittersweet goodbye to ComCom and a very warm welcome to the new editors!

We are very thankful for the many contributions from our colleagues over the years. Maria Altendorf, Brahim Zarouali, Susann Kohout, Lisanne Wichgers, Marthe Möller, Robin Tschötschel, Susan Vermeer, Felicia Loecherbach, Emma van der Goot, Teun Siebers, Kiki de Bruin, thank you for sharing your work, experiences, and advice with the community and us! Not only have we learned from you and about your work, but we have also had immense fun in the process. A big thank you to all of you! We really enjoyed being involved in creating this space where our fellow young communication science scholars could showcase their work and explore the different ways in which this work impacts society.

While we (Linda and Dina) are moving on to new chapters of our academic lives, we are happy knowing that the blog is in excellent hands – those of two amazing PhD students, Emma (left) and Rebecca (right). They have already given the blog a brand-new look (looks fantastic, doesn’t it?). We are excited to see what else they have in store as the new managing and editing team of Communicating Communications.

Happy reading!

Linda van den Heijkant and Dina Strikovic


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