A Day in the Life of a Dutch PhD Student in the USA

Wednesday morning, August 28. “Are you there yet? I’m waiting for you at the parking lot. Oh, and I brought cash.” 10 minutes later, I took off. On my new (but probably second/third/fourth hand) bike. 14 hours after arrival in Palo Alto, hometown of Stanford University. Time for my first coffee. My days start exactly the same as back home: with some good old oatmeal – never change a winning team, right? The only difference is that I now get them from a family package (1.8 kg), with a family package almond milk (1.89 l). A little later, I leave my one-million-dollar residence. Okay, of which 12 square meters are mine, for the apparently “decent” price of 1250 dollar per month. Silicon Valley.

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